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Learn what makes Moberly Family Dentistry the preferred office for local patients both young and old. Our office has been treating patients and their families since 1988. The following testimonials are from just a few of our many satisfied clients.
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I wanted to give a shout out to Dr. Berry’s dental practice-Moberly Family Dentistry. We recently had braces applied to our teenager. Braces are expensive but I was impressed with the price tag considering it was about how much my parents paid for mine 25 years ago, plus our girl gets at least a $30 package of supplies for free every month including toothbrush, floss, wax, etc. On top of the $100 good brush incentive. If she has any issues we can take her in without extra payment. The price is set. I also wanted to give a shout out to the very friendly staff that works there. They are a great group of people. I highly recommend them.
Amanda W.
My girls love coming here! After relocating to the area and finding Dr. Berry we have finally found the type of care we wanted and needed. The office staff and Doctor were so friendly and made me feel at ease. From then on out I felt very comfortable sending the kids by themselves for their appointments. The staff was great on calling if there was an issue and they filed my insurance for me. My youngest would love to come every week to see the dentist if she could! Wonderful office!
Deborah and Family
It’s the little things that mean so much. Thank you for making your patients feel so appreciated, welcomed and brave. The personal message Melissa sent to Zayne… well, you can tell by the smile on his face how he felt when he got the letter. He went to bed with it even. Thank you for valuing your staff and setting the standard for excellent patient care. Our experiences at the dentist are amazing.
Annie F.
I don’t know if I love it BC I’m terrified of the dentist due to some childhood experiences, but Dr. Berry and his staff always make me feel at ease and very comfortable. Dr Berry has even called me at home on the weekend to check on me after some extensive work…. He is a very caring dentist and his entire office will help you with any fears or anxieties you may have!
Angie S.
Hello one & all. Life is coming together for me in Vermont! Had to let you know what an outstanding group you are. Out here it is like cattle in a chute. Four tables in an open room and two sinks side by side. UCK! This gal does not do private hygiene for the masses! You folks stand out!
Sandy D.
I always went to a dentist to Columbia because I worked there. I retired and wanted a dentist close to me so I checked around and decided to go to Dr. Berry. I am so happy I did, he is great and his staff is awesome, they are all so friendly and nice. I am a happy camper, they are stuck with me now!
Linda W.
I just wanted to thank everyone at the office. I appreciated all of your kindness. I was very nervous going to a new dentist, and Dr. Berry was very kind. Once again thank you!
Melissa S.
The staff and Dr. Berry are the best. Always on time, friendly, very easy on my mouth, not pain free, but they are the most painless I’ve ever been to.
Brenda D.
I am so pleased to have started going to Dr. Berry’s office. The staff is fantastic and are very friendly. I no longer have a fear of going to the dentist anymore thanks to them!
Melanie W.
I have gone to Dr. Berry for 20 years now! There is no one else I trust but him! :-)”
Natalie M.
LeeAnne did a great job! Quick and friendly service!
Kimber Anne
Thanks Fallon, you did an amazing job! Extra clean teeth and no pain!
Shandra C.
You are the best!
Shirley S.
Best dentist EVER!
Debbie M.

It's always a pleasure to have an appointment with you people, you have treated me like family for many years thank you all so much!!!

John B.

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